Advancing Forth Industrial Revolution Technology for the Global Goals

2030Vision seeks to fast track advanced technologies to accelerate the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (the Global Goals) in an inclusive manner. Accelerating the use of responsible tech for the benefit of global society. 2030Vision aims to be the preeminent global public-private partnership to facilitate a more concerted and cooperative effort to this end. The platform mobilizes technology companies, government, civil society and international organization leaders to harness advanced technologies responsibly and at scale to accelerate action to achieve the Global Goals within this decade.

70% of the 169 targets set out in Global Goals that can be directly supported by advanced technologies, which means the tech industry has a significant role to play in addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Unlocking the opportunity for technology to help make the Global Goals a reality over the next 10 years calls for a systems-level shift in priorities, and will require overcoming significant obstacles.This is going to take unprecedented collaboration amongst some of the world’s biggest players and brightest minds as to connect the problem owners of these challenges with the entities that hold the solutions.

2030Vision will employ a multilateral partnership approach that brings together cross-sectoral leaders to enable the responsible deployment of 4IR technologies to deliver positive impact. In doing so, we will turn our intentionality into action by coupling one of the greatest evolutions in humanity with the potential to solve some of our greatest threats.

Simon Segars

Chief Executive Officer of ARM Ltd.

Achim Steiner

Administrator of the United Nations Development Program

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